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Meet the Seidman Study Abroad Ambassadors!

If you are interested in study abroad and want to learn more from Seidman students who've participated in various programs abroad, then don't hesitate to contact our Seidman Study Abroad Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors are eager to share their international experiences and can provide insights into a country/culture.

Jessica Chinzi (on the left)

Study Abroad Program: University of Brighton, England(semester abroad)

Major: General Management

Minor: International Business

Feel free to contact Jessica if you have any questions about study abroad and/or England:

1) Study Abroad Highlights:

It’s honestly difficult to limit it to just a few highlights. Traveling to Paris, Dublin, Stockholm, and London was absolutely amazing. Meeting life-long friends and forming a strong bond with them is a gift. Through these  new friends I learned about cultures, languages, and beliefs all around the world which was an education of its own. Also, the self-gratification of actually completing a study abroad program is enough to change your life as  far as boosting confidence and opening your mind to new opportunities and adventures  in life. 

2) Life lessons learned:

You learn what it is to be responsible and self-reliant. When you land there in a brand new country you're on your own and you have to get yourself where  you need to be.  You don't have your mom or dad just a quick call away. You don't have your best friends to come pick you up. But what you have is yourself, and when you learn that you can step up and take care of yourself in totally new surroundings it’s so very empowering. And when you strip away all the things that have been familiar to you over the years, it makes room for new friends, for self-discovery, and for personal growth in ways you can't imagine  until you experience  it (one of which is an expanded perspective).

3) What did you like best about your study abroad location, the local culture and the overall program?

The people in Brighton are some of the nicest people I have ever met. I have many, many friends from there (some that I met through school and others just from nights out) that I regularly keep in touch with. The accent is so awesome and never gets old, plus you will find that most of the English love American accents the way we love their accents so just that alone is a great ice-breaker!! Brighton was a perfect fit for me because it had all the offerings that a big city would as far as events, nightlife, sight-seeing, shopping, culture, etc. but with the familiar, homey  feel that can only be offered by a smaller city. Also, with two universities in the area,  there are so many young people there it’s difficult to not meet interesting people.

4) Why should Seidman students pursue study abroad?

This program fit perfectly into my schedule. The courses were able to count for my International Business minor and some double counted for my Management major as well.  This is a big part of why I initially began looking into studying abroad in Brighton.

John Nance

Study Abroad Program: Leuphana Universitaet, Lueneburg, Germany (semester abroad)

Major: International Business and Supply Chain Management

Minor: German

Feel free to contact John if you have any questions about study abroad and/or Germany:

1) Study Abroad Highlights:

Germany brought me so many amazing experiences it’s difficult to choose. Traveling to Berlin and walking through history, all while live performances were happening during the May day celebrations. Dining at the famous Bavarian Hofbräuhaus while singing and drinking with the locals. Watching a live performance from a band out of Hamburg above the campus café at night. Meeting great life friends from all walks of life in Germany, and significantly improving my German while living in a town with beautiful architecture from nearly a thousand years ago.

2) Life lessons learned:

I learned to leave my comfort zone and let myself embrace something completely different from the norm. The experience was very humbling and I felt that nothing like living in another country could ever grow me like studying abroad did.

3) What did you like best about your study abroad location, the local culture and the overall program?

I love the city of Lüneburg and think I always will because of this experience. The town is very majestic and old with glorious churches from hundreds of years ago, even one that Bach played in. While the local culture was one that any college student would admire, with the numerous bars, restaurants and events the city hosted. With the University being located so close to the town center, I could experience a very traditional German culture mixed with a fun German University culture.

4) Why should Seidman students pursue study abroad?

Study abroad is great for all majors and especially Seidman business students because of the way you learn to respect and interact with other cultures and people in all types of settings. Living alone abroad grows you as a person and allows for you to realize who you really are.

Luis Felip Ballesteros

Study Abroad Program: The Scholar Ship Semester program 

International Internships: Internships with adidas and with Psylock GmbH in Germany

Major: International Business, Marketing and Int'l Relations

Feel free to contact Felip if you have any questions about study abroad and/or Europe/Asia:

1) Study Abroad Highlights:

     The Th

The Scholar Ship program was a four month voyage from Hong Kong to Amsterdam, stopping in 11 ports with 150 students. We studied international business and relations taught by international professors and used academic field programs to analyze business in a variety of industries and cultures. I also completed two international internships, one with Psylock GmbH and the other with adidas in Germany. For adidas, I worked in an international marketing team, dedicated to promote sales in physical adidas stores throughout Western Europe. Activities included mass communication project management, analytical tracking of efforts and loyalty program development. As part of the adidas team, I not only worked but literally played sports with the international intern group and managers. It was an unforgettable experience.  

2) Life lessons learned:

Intercultural communication and understanding multinational business models. Knowing that the world offers so much opportunity gave me the vision to explore and push my boundaries in my pursuits. Learning German helped me understand that to fully "get" a culture, you must learn to communicate in that language. Through these experiences, I became a world citizen, fully engaged with more than my culture group. Solving challenges, business and social, became enhanced by adding the perspective of different culture groups.

3) What did you like best about your study abroad location, the local culture and the overall program?

I began to experience how the European mind functions in their interlocking of economies and politics. No longer do I simply talk about European treaties or policy, I add physical attributes to what government and business caused in the region and abroad: I connect.

On a cultural level, I enjoy being able to converse about topics that impact many cultures and gain multicultural perspective from one dinner, as most of my friends included people from all over the continent and the world.

4) Why should Seidman students pursue study abroad?

If you understand that the world is interlocked economically, politically and socially, you should begin to prepare yourself to meet the growing needs and take advantage of what's to come. Personally, you will have the time of your life, as you explore a new country, in many cases, means exploration of who you are and where you want to go in life.

Sean Niven

Study Abroad Program: ESC Grenoble - Graduate School of Management in Grenoble, France (semester abroad)

Major: Accounting

Minor: French

Feel free to contact Sean if you have any questions about study abroad and/or France:

1) Study Abroad Highlights:

The Grenoble Graduate School of Business is a world-class institution that allows you not only to experience the French culture, but also to learn from the international students around you.  Their experiences, their education system, and their approaches to business.

2) Life lessons learned:

There isn’t one approach to reach the same goal.  The friends I made in France and the experiences I had will always be with me.  I made great friends and learned to appreciate the balance between work and play.  The course work was exceptionally difficult at times, but we managed to take time to enjoy everything around us.

3) What did you like best about your study abroad location, the local culture and the overall program?

France is much more than Paris.  Grenoble offers the chance to experience Rhône-Alps and live in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.  Three mountains surround the city, and Grenoble is considered the best location to study in France.  The local culture is historic, but embraces new technology and ideas.  France is a culture of contradictions.  I would choose Grenoble over Paris any day.

4) Why should Seidman students pursue study abroad?

To become successful with ever-growing multinational corporations you must understand other cultures that are different from your own.  There is no better way to do this than to study abroad.


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