The International House Living/Learning Community at GVSU


What: A new residential academic community for students majoring in International Relations, Political Science, International Business, or Modern Languages; and international students

Where: Allendale campus, Murray Living Center, first floor

Why: Students will have an opportunity to live together with other students who are interested in international studies. Specific benefits include:

  • Opportunities to live with and interact with students who have similar in and out of class interests
  • An on-site faculty director who provides academic advising and career guidance
  • Housing staff with an interest in and exposure to international study
  • Programming focused on international studies, study abroad, and modern languages
  • Close proximity to other living/learning communities including Honors
  • On-site computer lab and study lounge

For more information or to sign-up for the International House, contact the GVSU Housing and Residence Life Office: 616-331-2120.

E-mail: or Dr. Polly Diven, Faculty director,

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Page last modified April 25, 2013