Genevieve Sabala

Genevieve Sabala was born in Kakamega, Kenya. She is quite accomplished academically.  She received a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Literature from Egerton University in Nakuru, Kenya, and in April of 2011, she earned a Master of Social Work degree from Grand Valley.  Currently, she is seeking a second master’s degree from Grand Valley; this time a Master’s in Public Administration.  She is a graduate assistant in the Johnson Center Philanthropy Archives and Library.  Her research focuses on interviewing philanthropists in Michigan about their life stories, and how they have contributed to the growth of the non-profit sector in Michigan.

When Genevieve started at Grand Valley in the Fall of 2009, it was not her first time in the United States.  She had previously spent eight years living in Syracuse, New York (from age 26 to age 34).  When she first got to Syracuse, she was immediately struck by the fast pace.  People were so busy and preoccupied, with no time to spare.  She quickly realized that she did not care for American food, and decided to cook most meals herself.

Genevieve will graduate with her second master’s in December of 2012.  She would love to find a job at a non-profit organization here in West Michigan and stay in Grand Rapids after graduation. She plans to eventually return home to Kenya to work with poor villagers.


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