Health Insurance Information

Health care is very expensive in the United states.  That is why all GVSU international students are required to have health insurance to cover major medical expenses during their stay in the United States. You may purchase a policy in your home country if it meets the following conditions:  

1. $50,000 or more in medical benefits

2. $7,500 for repatriation of mortal remains

3. $10,000 for medical evacuation to home country

4. $500 or smaller deductible amount

5. A copy of the policy (in English) must be submitted to the Padnos International Center upon arrival

Insurance rates:

8/15/2014 – 12/31/2014 - $508.49

1/1/2015 – 5/14/2015 - $490.20

5/15/2015 – 8/14/2015 - $336.55


If you do not have proof of Health Insurance when you arrive, you will be charged for the Health Insurance through the Padnos International Center.

Information on GVSU’s Campus Health Center 

Special GVSU website provided by Lewer


No vaccinations are required by Grand Valley; however, vaccinations for measles, mumps, rubella, polio and tuberculosis are recommended. No proof is required. If you are bringing any prescription drugs to the United States, you must bring an English translation of the prescription with them. In case any prescriptions are needed while you are here,MetroHealth at the Campus Health Center can assist you.

Medical Attention:

Grand Valley offers medical services through the MetroHealth Center. Students needing urgent medical attention should visit one of the area hospitals, which include Spectrum Health, Mary Free Bed, Metro Health, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Butterworth Hospital and Saint Mary’s Health Center.   In case of an emergency in the United States, dial 911.


Page last modified May 29, 2014