Midterm Evaluations on Blackboard

Are you interested in conducting a midterm evaluation of your students?  The Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center (FTLC) has provided several questionnaires which have been converted to Blackboard for your use.

Following each of the surveys is a link to a "package" that you can download to your computer then import into your course site.

Survey 1: Start, Stop, Continue Survey
Description: This midterm evaluation will help me learn what is working well and not so well in the classroom, as well as giving you a chance to reflect on your own learning process.
Instructions: Please answer this survey as honestly as possible.  It will help me determine which teaching techniques I should continue and which I should modify.  The survey also asks you to reflect on how you can improve your learning activities.

  • What should the professor stop doing?
  • What should the professor start doing?
  • What should the professor continue doing?
  • What should I as the student stop doing?
  • What should I as the student stop doing?
  • What should I as the student continue doing?

Download this package and install into Blackboard.

Survey 2: Student Learning Survey
Description: This midterm survey will help me learn which teaching techniques work best in this course.
Instructions: Please complete this survey as honestly as you can.  I want to be able to help you improve your learning as much as I'm able.

  • What in this class helps you to learn?
  • What changes would help you learn even more?
Download this package and install into Blackboard.

Installation Instructions
  1. Download the package to your computer's desktop.
  2. Go into your course.
  3. Click on "Course Tools" > "Tests, Surveys and Pools" and then "Surveys"
  4. Click on "Import Survey"
  5. Click "Browse for Local File" and select the survey that you just downloaded. Click "Submit".
  6. With the edit mode on, click in the content area were you want the survey to be.  Select "Create Assessment" > "Create Survey".
  7. Select the survey you just downloaded and click "Submit."
  8. Choose options:
        Make link available: Yes
        Force Completion: Check
        Set Starting and ending dates (and check the check boxes if the date was set)
Usage Instructions

  1. After the evaluation has completed, go to the Grade Center.
  2. Find the column with the survey title as the heading..
  3. Click on the two down arrows and select "Attempt Statistics" to see results.

Page last modified April 8, 2011