Faculty/Staff Wireless Network

Guest Wireless Access: Sponsor your guest to get them online. Click the link below to get started.

Sponsor a wireless guest

If your computer or other wireless device does not support the 802.1x protocol, you may use GV-Guest SSID. No phrase is required, but you will need to enter your user name and password on the web portal to connect.

GV-Other will only be used for devices that cannot connect via 802.1x or web authentication, such as Wireless gaming devices.  These devices will still need to have their MAC address registered with the Help Desk.

Students will NOT be able to log in to the GV-Faculty-Staff  SSID . Click for Student only wireless network information.

Wireless Configuration:
The SSIDs will appear automatically for many users. If you do not see GV-Faculty-Staff or GV-Guest you may need to add the wireless network in. Please click the appropriate link for device specific connection information.

For additional information visit:


Once you have configured your wireless card enter your User Name and Password to gain access to the Internet. If you get a warning that the certificate is not trusted please accept the certificate. Check the links for the Operating system you are using for more information.

Check your connection:

ISSUE with Vista and IE 7
Vista and IE7 may cause an issue when trying to register with GV-Guest. The page errors out with the Secure Socket key error. The fix is: 

Open IE 7 - Tools - Internet Options - Advanced Tab - Scroll Down to Security and Place a check mark in SSL - 2.0

Wireless networks do have the added risk that it is technically possible for someone to eavesdrop on the information you send over the network. While it is technically possible to listen in on wireless network traffic, it is technically harder to make any meaningful sense out of it. Eavesdropping on network communication (wireless or wired) is illegal and a violation of Information Technology Policies and Student Code. All violations will result in disciplinary action with the appropriate authority. As with any sensitive data (wireless or wired), take precautionary measures prior to transferring this type of data.

When using wireless technology on campus be sure that all passwords and personal information is only sent to secure web sites. Secure web sites are ones that use SSL encryption, look for the gold lock in the lower right corner of the web browser to confirm if a web site uses SSL.


Page last modified July 7, 2015