Intercultural Training Certificate

Core/Elective Courses

Students will complete two electives courses. Many of which are part of General Education themes, or may be in the student's major.

This approach allows for the "double-dipping" of courses to count for the student's theme or minor, allowing a student to make progress on completing both requirements with the same courses.

Below is a list of approved elective courses.  We are continuing to add courses, so please check back for updates. If you have a question about a specific course you do not see listed, please contact Regina McClinton at 616-331-2715.

ACC 300

International Accounting

ANT 111

Peoples of the World

ANT 204

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANT 207

Language and Culture

ANT 311

Native Peoples of North America

ANT 315

Comparative Religions

ANT 320

Culture and Disease

ANT 340

Culture and Environment

ANT 345

Perspectives on Globalization

ANT 346

Kinship and Culture

ANT 355

Migration in America

ANT 360

Ethnology of Mesoamerica

ANT 370

Cross-cultural Perspectives on Gender

ARA 202

Intermediate Arabic II

ART 420

Asian Art

BIO 311

The Biological Basis of Society

CHI 301

Advanced Intermediate Chinese I

CHI 302

Advanced Intermediate Chinese II

CHI 321

Ancient Chinese Cultures

CHI 322

Classical Chinese Culture

CJ 320

Crimes Against Women

CJ 325

Criminal Justice and Human Rights

CJ 482

Culture, Crime and Justice

CLA 315

Ancient Religion

CLA 320

Women in the Classical World

ECO 349

Emerging Markets Issues

ECO 365

Comparative Economic Systems

ECO 369

International Economic Issues

ED 351

Diverse Perspectives in Education

ENS 201

Introduction to Environmental Studies and Sustainability

EAS 201

East Asia in the Contemporary World

ENG 231

Early African American Literature

ENG 232

Modern African American Literature

ENG 304

International Literature for Children and Young Adults

ENG 334

American Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults

ENG 335

Literature of American Minorities

ENG 364


ENG 365

Teaching English as a Second Language

ENG 378

Contemporary Latin American Literature

FIN 429

International Financial Management

FRE 202

Intermediate French II

FRE 310

Contemporary France

FRE 312

Francophone Civilization

GER 201

Intermediate German I

GER 202

Intermediate German II

GER 310

German Civilization and Culture I

GER 311

German Civilization and Culture II

GER 312

Contemporary German Culture

GPY 220

Cultural Geography

GPY 235

World Regional Geography

GPY 335

Geographic Patterns-Global Development

GPY 350

Geography of Russia

GPY 351

Geography of Africa

GPY 352

Geography of Latin America

GPY 353

Geography of Canada and the United States

GPY 354

Geography of Asia

GPY 355

Geography of Southwest Asia [The Middle East]

GPY 356

Geography of Europe

HNR 220

Islamic Middle East

HNR 222

Classical World

HNR 224

American Civilization

HRN 226

European Civilization

HNR 228

Making of Europe

HNR 231


HNR 232

Trauma, Culture, Memory

HNR 234

Society and Self

HNR 235

Democracy and Political Thinking

HNR 275

African Civilization

HNR 280

Crossing Borders: Latino Migration and Identity

HNR 280

East Asian Civilization

HNR 280

History of Science

HNR 280


HNR 311

Junior Seminar

HNR 312

Junior Seminar

HNR 331

Culture & the Holocaust

HST 101

Introduction to World Civilizations

HST 103

Introduction to American Civilization

HST 204

World since 1500

HST 205

American History to 1877

HST 211

History of Islamic Civilizations

HST 212

Indian Civilizations

HST 230

Latin America

HST 235

Africa in World History

HST 330

Colonial Latin America

HST 331

Modern Latin America

HST 332

Modern India

HST 333

Modern China

HST 334

Making of the Caribbean

HST 335

Africa before 1870

HST 336

Africa after 1870

HST 337

Age of Islamic Empire

HST 338

Modern Middle East

HST 342

History of East Asian Religions

HST 343

History of South Africa

HST 344

Urban Africa

HST 345

Silk Roads

HST 366

Spain in the Age of Empire

HST 371

Historical Perspectives on Gender and Sexualities

HST 372

From Slavery to Freedom

HST 374

Revolution in the Americas

HST 376

History of Witches

HST 377

History of Warfare

HST 386

Europe in the Age of Global Change

HST 392

Egypt Study Abroad

HST 393

Jamaica Study Abroad

HST 394

Turkey Study Abroad

HST 680

Modern India

ITA 202

Intermediate Italian II

ITA 280

Special Topics in Italian

JPN 202

Intermediate Japanese II

LIB 325

Understanding the Gay Life Cycle

LIB 350

The Immigrant Experience in the U.S.

LS 370

Women and the Law

MGT 303

Introduction to International Business

MGT 355

The Diversified Workforce

MGT 433

International Human Resource Management

MGT 466

International Management and Multicultural Corporations

MKT 355

International Logistics

MKT 359

Multinational Marketing

MES 201

Introduction to the Middle East

MOV 202

Social Cultural Dimensions of Sport

PED 200

Methods of Modern Dance

PHI 210

Eastern Philosophy

PHI 240

Middle Eastern Philosophy

PHI 306

Eastern Great Philosophers

PHI 331

Ancient Great Philosophers

PHI 370

Feminist Philosophy

PHI 375

Community Working Classics

PLS 103

Issues in World Politics

PLS 240

The Holocaust

PLS 283

Chinese Politics and US-China Relations

PLS 284

Latin American Politics

PLS 307

American Constitutional Law II

PLS 316

Human Rights in International Politics

PLS 319

African Politics

PLS 330

Religion and Politics in America

PLS 382

Politics of Post-Communist Europe

PLS 385

Russian and Post-Soviet Politics

PSY 355

Psychology and Culture

RUS 202

Intermediate Russian II

RST 225

Introduction to Russian Culture

RST 331

Russian Literature in Translation 1800-1880

RST 332

Russian Literature in Translation 1880-1932

RST 333

Russian Literature in Translation 1932 to present

SOC 201

Introduction to Sociology

SOC 288

Sociology of Food

SOC 345

Cultural Sociology

SOC 356

Sociology of Health Care

SOC 375

Perspectives on Masculinity

SOC 379

Love, Sex, and Gender

SOC 381

Class, Race, Gender, and Sexuality

SOC 382

Race and Ethnicity

SOC 383

Sociology of Women

SOC 385

Social Class Inequality

SPA 202

Intermediate Spanish II

SPA 303

Spanish for Heritage Speakers

SPA 304

Spanish for Health Professionals

SPA 305

Spanish for Law Enforcement

SPA 310

Spanish Civilization and Culture

SPA 311

Latin American Civilization and Culture I

SPA 313

U.S. Latino/a Civilization and Culture

SST 310

Strategies for Social Studies Teachers

SST 495

Education in Plural Societies

SW 300

Pluralism in American Society

US 201

Diversity in the United States




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