KCON 2008 Alumni Open House

On January 30, 2008, over 50 nursing alumni attended the 3rd Annual Open House. Dean Cynthia McCurren was introduced. She made a few brief remarks, sharing her vision for the College of Nursing. Dr. Ruthann Brintnall, MSN '85, gave a presentation from her research on End of Life Communication.

Linda Scott, MSN '95 (faculty), Dean Cynthia McCurren, and Andrea Bostrom (faculty)

Sharon Zinnah, BSN '96 (in back), Emily Bielak (faculty), Deborah Bambini, MSN '95 (faculty)

Nicki Grinstead (faculty), Lori Houghton-Rahrig, '81 & '01 (faculty), and Melodee VandenBosch, '79 & '03 (faculty)

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