Latin American Studies

LAS 210 - Exploring Latin America
The indigenous, European, and African cultures forming Latin American and Caribbean civilization are examined through the multidisciplinary lenses of the humanities, the social sciences, and the sciences. Attention is also given to U.S. Latino cultures and to the interrelationship between Latin America and the United States.  Fulfills one of the Foundation - Social and Behavioral Sciences and Fulfills Cultures - World Perspectives. Offered every semester. Credits: 3

LAS 320 - Model Organization of American States (MOAS)
The Model Organization of American States (MOAS) General Assembly is a simulation of the General Assembly of the OAS, the 55-year-old regional multilateral organization of the United Nations. In LAS 380-MOAS, students learn about the history of inter-American relations, the countries of Latin America, the OAS, and the protocol needed to effectively create, present, and discuss proposals to resolve the hemisphere's most urgent problems. Credits: 3

LAS/HST 374 - Revolution in the Americas
Men and women make history, sometimes through gradual, passive means and sometimes through sudden, active means. In the Americas, both categories of history-making have been common. This course explores international relations in the hemisphere by comparing revolutionary and evolutionary processes of change from Tierra del Fuego to the Northwest Territories. Dual listed with HST 374. Fulfills one of the Issues/Themes requirements. Offered winter semester. Prerequisites: LAS 210. Credits: 3

LAS 378 - Contemporary Latin American Literature
A survey of Latin American literature of the past three decades, in English translation, taking in a variety of nations, regions, and cultures, including Afro-Latin and indigenous voices. Genres to be studied include the novel, the short story, poetry, dramas, testimonial narrative, speeches, folklore, and film. Dual listed with ENG 378. Offered winter semester of even-numbered years. Prerequisites: LAS 210. Credits: 3

LAS 399 - Independent Studies
Before registering, students must arrange for supervision by a Latin American Studies faculty member and submit a contract (available from the LAS coordinator) specifying the topic and scope of the study. Ordinarily no more than three credits of LAS 399 may count toward the minor. Instructor approval prior to registration. Offered every semester. Credits: 1 to 3

LAS 475 - Latinos in West Michigan
Surveys the dynamic yet little-known world of Latinos in the region and guides students through a research project documenting their experiences, achievements, and challenges. Students learn and apply field research and interviewing skills to produce and present original reports on local Latino individuals and issues.  Fulfills one of the Issues/Themes requirements. Offered winter semester of odd numbered years.  Prerequisite: LAS 210. Credits: 3

LAS 490 - Latin American Studies Internship
Supervised work experience in a Latin American Studies-related field, initiated by the student, who must prepare a proposal in consultation with a faculty advisor and a worksite supervisor. The student will submit a final report and both the worksite supervisor and the faculty advisor will evaluate the internship. Offered every semester. Prerequisites: Nine hours of LAS-related coursework and permission of the program coordinator. Credits: 1 to 3

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