Professional Development

Workplace Training

The right training is important in the world of work.

Many people today find that they need new skills -  beyond what the job requires and beyond what they've learned before.  GVSU Continuing Education offers non-credit online courses and certificates in many areas.

Our basic online courses provide an introduction or refresher in many skill areas.  Others prepare you as an expert with valuable career skills.  The courses are short and can often be completed in six weeks or less.  These affordable programs start at $89.  Pass-codes are available for businesses to enroll teams or department groups.

Access hundreds of non-credit online program opportunities through our online workshops for professionals.

Protect your business and employees with safety workshops offered by the state of Michigan at our convenient campus locations. View the schedule: MIOSHA workshops

If you're looking for a more customized solution, contact us today at (800) 690-0341 or (616) 331-7180 or email us at


Page last modified June 25, 2013