Gay Bi Questioning Men's Group

This confidential group is open to registered GVSU male students who identify as Gay, Bisexual or who may be questioning their sexual identity. This group aims to be a normalizing experience for each member. We explore many factors that may be affecting our identity such as: stereotypes, family, religion, meeting others, and many more. The focus of the group really depends on the needs of the group. This is not a coming out group, but there may be members who are in this process. There also may be members who have been out for years, but would like this opportunity to explore and share experiences/challenges with others sharing a similar identity. Overall, this group will help guys figure out where they fit in.

If interested, please contact the University Counseling Center to schedule a short initial meeting with Mark Sampson so we can see if the group is a match for you. 616-331-3266 or email Mark at A commitment to attend each weekly meeting for the semester is also required.