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Sample Program Plans and Advising Resources

If interested in the Liberal Studies major, please contact the Brooks College Advising Center to meet with an advisor:
616-331-8200 or

Each Liberal Studies major must create an individualized Study Plan. Click on the Study Plan Form to access this form. The form is to help you organize your coursework. In the capstone course (LIB 495) you will work on an integrative statement that will help you articulate your Emphasis Area and why the courses you have chosen are relevant and connected.



The Study Plan Form requires the formulation of an Emphasis Area, which can be comprised of courses throughout the university. This component of the major allows each student to develop a major area of study based on a specific theme, issue, problem, or career interest and concentrate simultaneously on a general education and a particular academic discipline or career area.

Sample Study Plans

Person, Society and Arts, B.A.
Children and Society, B.A.
Community and Social Thought, B.S.
Business and Society, B.S.

- Sustainability Area of Study sample                       - Other Possible Emphasis Areas

Before meeting with an academic advisor, it may be helpful to review the sample study plans listed above, as well as the blank study plan form, in order to familiarize yourself with the degree. If you choose to begin filling in an individualized study plan, be sure to save the document to your files for easy editing in the future.

Study Plan - Fill and Save Word Doc

Study Plan - Fill and Save PDF


Substitution Equivalency Request Form

Transfer Equivalency Request Form



At times, our majors may decide to specialize their studies with a faculty member in a particular area through an Independent Study course. These are individually designed and must have the approval of the department chair.

To begin the approval process, please review and complete the independent study form with the supervising faculty member and return the signed copy to the Liberal Studies Department in 229 Lake Ontario Hall. Once approved, a permit will be put in place enabling you to register for the course.



Finally, each Liberal Studies major must create an Integrative Statement, which is typically written toward the end of your coursework in conjunction with LIB 495 Senior Seminar (capstone). The integrative statement should be a 2-3 page (minimum) reflection about your Lib major, describing the rationale for the emphasis area including what you have learned from the coursework, how those courses are integrated with each other, and how that relates to liberal education. It can also include what you expect to do with that emphasis after graduation.

Sample Integrative Statements

Sample 2 - Human Rights and Human Development
Sample 3 - Understanding Diversity in a Healthcare Setting
Sample 1 - Self Reflective Examination of Feminism, Culture, and Social Tribulations


Each sample integrative statement is paired with the emphasis area chosen as the focus for the student's major.




The Internship portion of the Liberal Studies major provides supervised work experience through which students can relate liberal studies principles, academic work, and practice. Student, faculty, and advisors agree on the scope of the study, its components, and methods of evaluation.


Allendale Students:

Students must attend an Internship Workshop at least one semester prior to registering for Internship. Workshops will be announced via email. After attending the workshop and obtaining an internship, students will electronically submit their internship agreement via the Internship Management Site.

Please contact Dr. Burns-Ardolino with questions or concerns.

Muskegon, Holland, and Traverse City Students:

Please contact the appropriate coordinator from the list below for more information. You will also need to complete the Internship Agreement Procedure. When completing your internship agreement form, please be sure to choose the appropriate coordinator for your home campus from the Internship Coordinator drop-down menu. 

      Muskegon - Professor Jennifer Jameslyn

      Holland - Professor Anne Marie Fauvel 

      Traverse City - Professor Kate Fairman


Important Note About Internship Outside of Michigan:

Students participating in for credit internships through GVSU may not intern in the following states: Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Washington, andWest Virginia.




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