Curriculum Materials Library

The Curriculum Materials Library is designed for the use by the education students and professors at Grand Valley State University.

The CML is a part of the Grand Valley State University Libraries. The mission of the CML is to make available for preview, review, analysis, and use, a sampling of current, high-quality instructional materials for preschool through grade twelve. 

The CML-DeVos, located in 201A DeVos, primarily serves the College of Education faculty and students located on the Pew Campus in Grand Rapids.  A limited number of textbooks and resource books is available at the Mary Idema Pew Library - 4th floor, on the Allendale Campus.

The Curriculum Materials Library has a new Button Making Machine.  You can make 2 ¼“round buttons for $.25 with your design.

A new magazine subscription to DynaMath “makes math meaningful and accessible to students by applying core math concepts to high-interest, real-world topics…features a wealth of practice problems to reinforce understanding and build math skills.”-Scholastic website

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