Name Scholarly? Full-Text?
Cambridge Journals Online info all some
Cochrane Library info all all
Conference Proceedings Citation Index info all none
CultureGrams info all n/a
Current Chemical Reactions and Index Chemicus info all none
Current Contents Connect info all none
Catalog of Nonprofit Literature info some none
Child Care and Early Education Research Connections info some none
China Academic Journals info some some
CINAHL Complete info some some
Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO) info some most
ComAbstracts info some none
Communication and Mass Media Complete info some some
CompPile info some none
Computer Database (InfoTrac) info some some
CQ Electronic Library info some most
Criminal Justice Abstracts info some some
Cabell's Directories (Business and Educational) info n/a all
Cambridge Companions info n/a all
Cambridge Histories Online info n/a all
Chicago Defender (1910-1975) info n/a all
Chicago Tribune (1849-current) info n/a all
Children`s Literature CD info n/a n/a
Choice Reviews Online info n/a all
Conference Board Research Online Collection info n/a all
Congressional Record (1789-present) info n/a all
CQ Political Reference Suite info n/a most
CQ Researcher info n/a all
Credo Reference info n/a all
CSH Protocols info n/a all
Cell and Molecular Biology info
Chemistry Databases info
Classics Databases info
Clinical Laboratory Science info
Communications Databases info
Computing and Information Systems Databases info
Criminal Justice Databases info