Do Better Work.

The Knowledge Market has highly-trained fellow students who can help you improve your skills. Our Peer Consultants work one-on-one or in small groups to develop your research strategies, writing skills, or polish your presentations.

Allendale or Downtown.

Come to the Mary Idema Pew or Steelcase Libraries, or make an appointment to meet with Peer Consultants from the Libraries, the Writing Center, and the Speech Lab.

Connect with one of the Peer Consultant services:

We can help you develop research questions, strategies, and focus for completing assignments.

Research Consultant
  • Mary Idema Pew Sun - Thu: 4–11pm
  • Steelcase Mon - Thu: 2–7pm

We can help you to brainstorm, organize content, integrate research, polish a draft, and correctly document sources.

Writing Center
  • Mary Idema Pew Sun - Thu: 6–11pm
  • Steelcase Mon - Thu: 2–7pm

We can help undergrads with topic selection, organization, supporting materials, and delivery.

Speech Lab
  • Mary Idema Pew Sun - Wed: 4–11pm
  • Mary Idema Pew Thu: 6–11pm

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