Alice is an undergraduate studying history and a member of the Honors College. She also is involved in campus organizations such as Alternative Breaks, International Justice Mission, and CRU. She is interested in a wide variety of topics and plans on going to graduate school for a degree in Library and Information Science.

  • Major: History
  • Minors: Advertising and public relations, non-profit administration
  • Favorite topics: History, international relations, WRT 150, sociology, psychology, women and gender studies

Alison is an undergraduate majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology. She is in the Honors College and is currently conducting undergraduate research on antibiotic resistance.

  • Major: Cell and molecular biology
  • Favorite topics: Biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, medicine

Amanda is a secondary education and group social studies major with a minor in history, and a member of the Honors College. She is part of the Undergraduate Journal of History, so Amanda edits essays weekly on a wide variety of historical topics. In the future she plans to teach in a Spanish-speaking country before coming back to work in the states.

  • Majors: Secondary education and group social studies
  • Minor: History
  • Favorite topics: History, English, anthropology, religious studies, psychology, music, geography, political science, and philosophy
  • Languages: Spanish

Andrew is an undergraduate majoring in political science and minoring in LGBTQ studies. He is in the Honors College and is the Vice President of Political Affairs in Student Senate. Andrew is in his second year at Grand Valley and excited for what the next two years hold.

  • Major: Political science
  • Minors: LGBTQ studies
  • Favorite topics: Political science, international relations, women and gender studies, LGBTQ studies, sociology, and history

Audrey is an undergraduate studying Cell and Molecular Biology. She is a member of the Honors College, the Pre-Pharmacy Association, GVSU Campus Ministries and a variety of intramural sports teams. After graduating, she plans on pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and working in a hospital. She has a strong scientific background but also enjoys philosophy, British literature and the arts.

  • Major: Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Favorite topics: Chemistry, Genetics, Philosophy, Art, British Lit, WWII/The Holocaust and History of Science

Brennae is an undergraduate majoring in allied health sciences with an emphasis in speech-language pathology. She will be graduating in 2016 and then plans to attend graduate school to get her master’s degree. She then plans on working as a speech-language pathologist either in a school or a hospital.

  • Major: Allied health sciences
  • Favorite topics: English, sociology, writing, psychology, biology

Brian is pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Geology and certification for geographic information systems. Brian is a returning student with a previous bachelor’s degree in the humanities from Michigan State University. In addition to geology, Brian is familiar with topics including history and philosophy. Brian plans on working in the energy resource field of geology, with emphasis in alternative energy and environmental remediation.

  • Major: Environmental geology, certification in geographic information systems
  • Favorite topics: United States and European history, general philosophy
  • Languages: German

Caitlin is an undergraduate majoring in secondary education and English with a minor in Spanish. She is in the Honors College and participates in the Honors Community Council as well as multiple intramural sports and clubs on campus. In her free time, she enjoys curling up with a good book, spending time outdoors, Disney movies and naps. Upon graduating, she plans to begin teaching and return to school for a master’s degree in counseling.

  • Majors: Secondary education and English
  • Minor: Spanish

Danielle is a graduate student of English Literature. She has a B.A. in English Literature from Miami University, where she minored in Film Studies & Theory. She specializes in American Literature written by underrepresented populations and New Historicist theory. 

  • Major: English, M.A.
  • Favorite Topics: American literature, minority literature, New Historicism, Neo-Marxism, aesthetics, foreign/international film

Gail is an undergraduate majoring in English Education and minoring in Spanish education and applied linguistics. She is a member of the Honors College and the College of Education, and studied abroad in Chile. She has taken courses in English literature, linguistics, education, and Spanish, but also enjoys researching topics related to music and psychology. After graduating, Gail plans on teaching high school English and working with ESL students.

  • Major: English secondary education
  • Minors: Spanish - teaching, applied linguistics

Jackie is a sophomore majoring in writing and minoring in English. She is in the Honors College, and is the assistant poetry editor for fishladder, Grand Valley’s literary and arts magazine.

  • Major: Writing
  • Minor: English
  • Favorite topics: Writing, women and gender studies, art, English

Jen is an undergraduate majoring in history. She is a member of Alpha Sigma Tau as well as being an avid reader and writer. She enjoys learning more about psychology, women and gender studies, and anthropology. She plans to graduate in December of 2014 and pursue a Master of Library and Information Science degree with an emphasis on archives and public history.

  • Major: History
  • Favorite topics: Psychology, women and gender studies, anthropology

Jessica is an undergraduate student majoring in biomedical science and minoring in psychology. She is in the Honors College and is a member of the pre-optometry club. Someday soon, Jessica plans to apply to graduate school and become an optometrist. Jessica loves research and can’t wait to meet you in the Knowledge Market!

  • Major: Biomedical science
  • Minor: Psychology
  • Favorite topics: Chemistry, biology, genetics, English

Kelsey is a sophomore majoring in biomedical sciences. She is a member of the Frederik Meijer Honors College and has taken a variety of courses in biology, chemistry, and genetics. She also has a solid background in mathematics and classics. Kelsey plans on pursuing a Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree upon graduation.

  • Major: Biomedical sciences
  • Favorite topics: Biology, chemistry, genetics, math, classics

Lora is an undergraduate student studying psychology and anthropology. She is a member of Psi Chi and the Anthropology Club. Upon graduation from GVSU, she plans to attend graduate school to pursue a Ph.D in counseling psychology and a career in addiction and substance abuse counseling. Lora loves to spend her free time with animals, reading, and drinking coffee.

  • Majors: Psychology & anthropology
  • Favorite topics: Psychology, anthropology, archaeology, philosophy, history, political science, literature

Marc is a graduate student studying public administration.  He graduated from Grand Valley and the Honors College in April 2014 with his B.Sc. in public and nonprofit administration as well as political science with a minor in philosophy.  His goal after getting his Master of Public Administration degree is to become a city manager in the Upper Peninsula or further his education by attaining a Ph.D.

  • Major: Master of Public Administration
  • Concentration: Public management
  • Favorite topics: Public finance and budgeting, human resources management, economic development, education policy, political theory, philosophy, and whatever you're working on currently!

Rhonda is a graduate student in the Masters of Public Administration program with a concentration in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. In 2013, Rhonda graduated from GVSU with a BA in International Relations and a minor in history. She was a tutor with GVSU, specializing in History, economics, and political science, among other subjects.

  • Major: Nonprofit Management and Leadership
  • Favorite topics: Human rights, world affairs, African history, social justice, history, and international politics

Sarah is a sophomore pre-nursing major. She is in the Honors College, plays flute in Concert Band, and is very excited to officially enter the Kirkof College of Nursing in the fall of 2014. Sarah plans to graduate in the winter of 2016 and go directly into the workforce as a pediatric nurse. Eventually, she wants to earn her doctorate and teach at the college level.

  • Major: Nursing
  • Minor: Anatomy, physiology, chemistry, literature, music
  • Favorite topics: French

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