Your Liaison Librarian

GVSU University Libraries has a librarian assigned to every department in the University.

What can my liaison librarian do for me?

Your liaison librarian (see list of liaisons by department) can support your teaching and research in a variety of ways:

Instructional Support

Liaison librarians can:

  • Create online course guides with a customized, discipline-specific set of resources tailored to your assignments
  • Embed resources into your Blackboard site or other web page
  • Look at your assignments and suggest appropriate ways to correlate library research, lead students in the use of library resources, and assess how well our resources will fit your assignment
  • Visit with your class in order to guide your students in finding and using library resources appropriate to your assignment

You may also find the following teaching resources useful as you consider adding information literacy components to your classes:

Reference & Research Assistance

Have a question or need help with your research? You can always swing by your nearest library location to ask in person, but you can also e-mail us, chat with us, or request a one-on-one research consultation with your subject librarian.

You may also find our subject guides useful as a way to determine what discipline-specific resources are available to you.

Collection Development

Liaison librarians are responsible for developing and maintaining collections related to their assigned disciplines. If you'd like us to purchase a book, DVD, or other item for the collection, please fill out this request form.

Page last modified June 8, 2015