Brass & Woodwind Audition Information

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2015 Audition Information for Brass and Woodwind Players (non-music majors)

I. Audition

A. Submission of Video or Audio recording of music sent to you by GVSU Bands.

II. Registration Process

Please send an e-mail to with the following information:

1. Subject Line: 2015 GVSU Woodwind/Brass Audition Registration

2. Name

3. E-mail address

4. Phone numbers (Home and Cell, please indicate)

5. Instrument

6. High School Attended

7. Have you been accepted to GVSU for Fall 2015? (Yes or No)

**Once we have received your "Registration E-mail," you will be contacted by e-mail concerning the video or audio submission.

III. Video or Audio Submission

A. You will be sent an e-mail with a piece of music attached in PDF format to prepare for your video or audio submission.

B. You will include a range check (using the Bb Concert scale) on the video or audio submission.

C. You will have 3 days to submit the video or audio recording that includes both the prepare the music and range check

D. More detailed information will be sent in the e-mail with your audition music.

**Those auditioning for entrance into the GVSU Music Department as music majors must schedule their audition through the Music Office. More information concerning dates and auditions can be found at Your audition will count as an audition for the Laker Marching Band.

"250 in 2015" GVSU Laker Marching Band Instrumentation Goals
Piccolo (24) Bb Clarinet (24) Alto Saxophone (24) Tenor Saxophone (10) Trumpet (48) Mellophone (18) Trombone (24) Baritone (10) Sousaphone (18)

**GVSU provides instruments for the following ONLY: Mellophone, Baritone, and Sousaphone.

If you would like to get more information about the Laker Marching Band, please contact the Band Office at (616) 331-3396 or at Please leave a voicemail if your call is not answered!