Mission / Vision


Strategic Vision

 SmartZones and MAREC
In 2000, Muskegon was awarded one of the original eleven designated SmartZones in the State of Michigan. SmartZones were designed to stimulate economic development and to bring the expertise of business, education and government together for cooperative efforts in the commercialization of both existing and new technology. Each SmartZone selected a specific type of technology to develop. Muskegon selected alternative energy and the Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center (MAREC) was officially opened in 2003. Located in the Muskegon SmartZone on the Muskegon Lakeshore, MAREC is the culmination of a cooperative effort involving a number of local, regional and state organizations. The foresight, leadership, and support provided by these organizations made it possible to pursue a vision of promoting economic development through advancement of alternative and renewable energy as well as providing a pathway toward a sustainable future for Muskegon, West Michigan and the world.
The MAREC Mission
The MAREC mission is to be an economic development catalyst, business accelerator as well as research and development center that links business, education and government resources for the development and commercialization of existing and new technology as well as the advancement of emerging technology with emphasis on alternative and renewable energy.
The MAREC Vision
MAREC will be a center of excellence that promotes economic development opportunities through advancement and commercialization of alternative and renewable energy technologies.
MAREC will achieve its mission through public/private partnerships, GVSU relationships, the use of sound economic development principles, research and intellectual property development, student engagement and academic excellence. MAREC is committed to the use of sound science, adherence to sustainability principles, and effective business practices. Emphasis will include the commercialization of innovative technology with both existing and new companies, and promoting the use of alternative, clean and renewable energy sources. 
MAREC’s facilities and programs will support business development, entrepreneurial innovation and the advancement of suitable renewable energy related public policy in order to build more sustainable lakeshore communities, contributing to the advancement of the West Michigan region and the Michigan economy.
 Guiding principles
1.       Work in a collaborative, cooperative and multidisciplinary fashion, at local, regional and state levels to bring together the necessary partners to advance and commercialize the best available alternative, clean and renewable energy technology.
2.       Move intellectual property from the classroom, laboratory and incubator to market.
3.       Create economic benefit for project partners, MAREC stakeholders and communities.
4.       Support and participate in alternative energy related consortia and related collaborative opportunities to advance shared goals for the local community, region and State of Michigan.
5.       Develop strategic partnerships and organizational relationships and build a critical mass of intellectual and investment capital and opportunity with likeminded interests consistent with the vision of the MAREC stakeholders.
6.       Engage others with an expectation of mutual accountability, transparency, integrity and trustful working relationships.
7.       At all times, demonstrate a commitment to best practices in applying standards of sustainability.
Key objectives
1.       Bring together the necessary parties for the efficient and economical development of new and existing technology in the field of alternative energy.
2.       Promote alternative and renewable energy technology as an opportunity for economic development.
3.       Leverage assets, advance the MAREC mission where appropriate, and develop intellectual property opportunities for all partners and stakeholders.
4.       Accelerate the research and development of alternative and renewable energy technologies. Work collaboratively with others engaged in similar R&D efforts. Develop mentor relationships, promote educational opportunities, utilize GVSU resources and student talent, and collaborate with other educational units to assist in advancing the MAREC vision.
5.       Use the MAREC facilities to accelerate the development of promising new energy related businesses and technologies, assist in bringing promising technology to maturity, to market, and accelerate the impact and profitability of alternative and renewable energy products.
6.       Develop and make available a network of business consulting support and business development resources to help inventors, entrepreneurs and early stage start-up companies become viable sooner. Integrate efforts with local inventor networks and partner with local business and industry.
7.       Help develop meaningful educational units at high school, community college and university levels to advance an understanding of sustainable energy technology, practices and clean energy alternatives to help shape the work force and talent pool of the future.
8.       Convene, host and support conferences, workshops and product demonstrations to advance an understanding of emerging alternative, clean and renewable energy technology principles.

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