TEDx Muskegon Live Stream: Get Energized!

Date: October 11, 2012
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Location: MAREC

Join us as we follow the TEDx Muskegon live stream and share ideas worth spreading.

TEDx Muskegon 2012 will explore how energy flows through our world from the smallest sub-particle to the largest bodies in our universe. Our sessions will look in the mirror, into the microscope, through the telescope, and out the window at how our world is intertwined and how we interact with each other and the forces of mind, body, spirit and nature.


Session I – Energize Your Earth
“We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” The ultimate community we belong to is Earth. The decisions and policies we make in transportation, food production, urban planning, building, energy, recycling, water, and natural resources will affect the future of Muskegon and the world in which we live.

Session II – Energize Your State
How big can you draw your circle? Does it extend beyond your reach? Your sight? As far as you can drive? Maybe even fly? This session looks at the importance of creating associations that strengthen our economy and relationships on a state-wide and regional scale.

Session III – Energize Your Community
As individuals we all intersect with others in circles large and small. The communities we form in these circles – connections of family, colleagues, neighborhoods, education, commerce, recreation, and physical and online social networks – weave the social fabric of our lives. How can we energize our individual talents and passions to come together to create a community – by any definition – we all love to live in?

Session IV – Energize Yourself
We conclude our journey exploring the well-being that encompasses our whole self, not just the physical body. By nurturing ourselves we create balance in our life; thus impacting our interactions with others. This session will engage the audience in how the individual can discover their unique gifts and graces and find fulfillment and healing in a world where the pace can be so frantic that it can leave us running in circles.


The TEDx Muskegon event will take place at the the Beardsley Theatre in the Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Muskegon. Tickets can be purchased on the TEDx Muskegon website if you wish to attend the event. Or you could join our live stream viewing party at MAREC to watch the TEDx Muskegon sessions for free in our main conference room!

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