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INCUBATOR PROFILE: Smart Vision Lights

Smart Vision Lights began as a MAREC incubator client in 2008 and completed their stay in 2011, having outgrown the spaced it leased at MAREC and meeting its start-up goals (click here for news release). They are a leader in the machine vision lighting industry, developing energy-saving, software-driven LEDs that reduce costs and improve results of industrial processes such as quality control on assembly lines. Machine vision has been vital for automation, but even machines need light to "see," and traditional lighting has drawbacks.

LEDs designed by Smart Vision Lights are proving advantageous in providing lighting for automated photography, which is used as part of the quality control process for precision manufacturing in a variety of business sectors. SVL engineer Matt Pinter says that MAREC has been "just the environment we needed; we are achieving and exceeding the goals we set for ourselves." For more information about MAREC's Business Incubation program, contact Doug Huesdash, MAREC Incubator Manager, at 616-331-6914 or at Please visit for more information about this company.


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