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Mathematics Department Seminars

GVSU Mathematics Department Seminar Series

Next seminar: Dr. Bill Rogers (GVSU Psychology Department), October 24 at 1:00pm.



Seminars from 2012-2013: 

Darren Parker (GVSU), 26 Sept 2012

Multidecompositions: Taking a graph apart and putting it back together

Also enjoy full-length high-definition video of the seminars from Winter 2012: 

Doug Kindschi (Grand Valley State University): The Role of Mathematics in Philosophy: Plato to Russell (22 February 2012)


Damir Dzhafarov (University of Notre Dame / University of California - Berkeley): Applications of Computability Theory (28 March 2012)


Joshua Holden (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology): Braids, Cables, and Cells: Representing Art and Craft with Mathematics and Computer Science (4 April 2012)

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