Department of Mathematics

Spring and Summer 2013 Mathematics Course Offerings


Grand Valley State University offers two 6-week summertime sessions: Spring (May 6--June 17) and Summer (June 24--August 2). The Mathematics Department offers a variety of mathematics courses at different levels during this period. Some are offered in the Spring, some in the Summer, and some over a 12-week period that spans both sessions.

We are happy to have guest students from other schools in our classes! Here is some information for interested prospective students: 


Courses offered during Spring 2013 or Summer 2013

For the detailed schedule and to see in which sessions each course is offered, go to:  GVSU Course Schedule Lookup. For a description of each course, go to: and do a search on the course number (for example, MTH 201). 

  • MTH 110 (Algebra)
  • MTH 122 (College Algebra)  (Allendale and Grand Rapids sections)
  • MTH 123 (Trigonometry)  (Allendale and Grand Rapids sections)
  • MTH 201 (Calculus I)
  • MTH 202 (Calculus II)  (Allendale and Grand Rapids sections)
  • MTH 203 (Calculus III)  (Grand Rapids section)
  • MTH 210 (Communicating in Mathematics)  (proof-writing)
  • MTH 227 (Linear Algebra I)
  • MTH 304 (Analysis of Differential Equations)
  • MTH 345 (Discrete Mathematics)   (proof-based)
  • MTH 495 (The Nature of Modern Mathematics)  (capstone course)
  • MTH 603 (Foundations of Calculus)  (contact Prof. Aboufadel for more information)


Information for Guest Students

To become a guest student, submit this form:  Guest Student Application

Tuition information:  Current Tuition Rates

Pre-Requisite Checks:  Because GVSU automatically checks pre-requisites when registering for courses, you will need to contact the department in order to get pre-requisite waivers applied to your GVSU account.  Phone:  616-331-2040.  E-mail:


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