2008 Cohort


Kim Anthony

History & Middle Eastern Studies

Research Project: Palestinian and Iraqi Women Refugees: An Examination of the Past Sixty Years

Tiffany Cross


Research Project: Exploring Permanent Property: An Exploration of the Tattoo Acquisition in the Midwest

Chris Denison


Research Project: Apatite Fission Track Thermochronology, Northern Range, Trinidad (and Paria Peninsula, Venezuela)

Stefanie Manee


Research Project: White Slavery in Early 20th Century Chicago: Progressive Reformers and Their Subjects

David Martin

Sociology - Critical Theory

Research Project: Mini-Kingdoms and Ivory Towers: A Critical Analysis of Higher Education in Modern Civil Society

Anthony Rodriguez


Research Project:
Global Positioning System (GPS) Determination of Motions, Neotectonics, and Seismic Hazard in Trinidad and Tobago

Ryan Rosso

French Linguistics

Research Project: Considering Language Convergence in Ontario: An Examination of Variation in Hearst French

Samantha Schenk

Psychology & Women and Gender Studies

Research Project: Cyber-Sexual Harassment: The Development of the Cyber-Sexual Experiences Questionnaire

Megan Taliaferro


Research Project: School of Choice and Diversity

Ben Winegard

Sociology - Evolutionary Psychology

Research Project: What we have here is a failure to communicate: Social science textbooks and evolutionary theory


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