What We Do

Michigan Cares for Tourism invests in Michigan’s most valued tourism treasures...our people and our historic attractions.

Until now there has not been a unified, statewide effort to “give back” to the tourism industry and preserve and invest in our most sacred treasures…our people and our historic attractions.  In partnership with Grand Valley State University, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Tourism Cares and Travel Michigan, Michigan Cares for Tourism is a volunteer-based program that coordinates an annual clean-up event at a Michigan tourism treasure that is in need of our support. Tourism industry professionals will participate in the clean-up effort and contribute to the site by volunteering their time and talents helping to restore and preserve it.  Sponsors will provide the resources needed for the event and for restoration efforts.  All efforts are 100% volunteer with all proceeds solely designed to contribute to our goals.

We hope you will join us!

The annual site selection will vary by geographic location within the state each year.  

This year's event is on historic Belle Isle on the Detroit River.  Event details here!

The 2013 site was the Waterloo Recreation Area’s Historic Mill Lake Outdoor Center in Chelsea, Michigan part of “Michigan’s Big 400”.  Built in 1936, this cabin community welcomed urban youth to their first travel and outdoor recreation experience. Closed due to disrepair in 2000, 18 of 21 original buildings exist and the photos shown above depict the damage that exists.  This year’s clean-up effort will remove all furnishings and damaged walls/ceilings, stain the exterior and clear debris.  This effort begins a commitment by the DNR to fully restore the cabins and infrastructure to once again welcome visitors.

Your contribution of time, talents and resources will…

• Significantly contribute to the annual renewal of a non-profit Michigan tourism attraction/site in the industry volunteer clean-up event.

• Improve Michigan’s tourism economy.

• Build a sense of team by networking and connecting with all sectors of industry  professionals.

• Invest in Michigan’s tourism industry.

• Ensure visitors and Michigan residents have higher quality guest experiences.

Thank you for joining our team to make a difference in Michigan’s tourism industry.  Contact us with any questions at 989.424.0123 or icare@michigancaresfortourism.org.



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