Polish Club

About Us:

Klub Polski is the Polish club at Grand Valley which promotes and celebrates the Polish language and culture. We encourage every one that is interested to join! The students in the club are here to share their interests and learn new things. Meetings are held every other week on the Allendale campus. The Polish club is involved with the communities surrounding Grand Valley and participate in many events throughout the year. Some of the events that are being planned are a trip to Chicago and a Polish dinner.

Contact Us:

Find us on our STUEY page
GVSU Polish Club on Facebook.

Advisor: Professor Lewak ( lewake@gvsu.edu)

President: Jacob Szocinski ( szocinsj@mail.gvsu.edu)

Financial Officer: Diana Lenart
Officers: Phillip Baciak, Mika Cuper, and Tyler Roelfsema