GVSU Sport Leadership Program

PED 460 (Fieldwork)

PED 460 | Fieldwork in Sport Leadership

The fieldwork experience will enable a student to work for a minimum of 135 hours over the course of one semester, primarily with an organization related to the sport management and coaching field that would include experience in areas such as coaching, marketing, finance, event management, administration, etc. Students will benefit from both oberservation and hands-on experience while working with qualified professionals in the sport industry.

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Fieldwork objectives:

1.  Gain practical experience in a specific area in the sport industry under professional supervision and guidance         

2.  Apply theories and principles from their formal education to specific situations within the sport industry       

3.  Use interpersonal and professional communication skills       

4.  Learn to work with other individuals trained in the sport industry     

5.  Demonstrate creativity, initiative, and responsibility     

6.  Exercise and improve time and stress management skills     

7.  Observe and analyze professional behavior in the sport industry     

8.  Develop/cultivate problem solving skills

9.  Create a professional resume

10.  Assess and evaluate organization’s business and management practices.

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