PED 490 & 495


PED 490 is the internship requirement within the Sport Leadership Program.  A total of 270 hours (45 hours per credit) must be completed in order to receive credit for the 6 credit course. A total of 405 hours must be completed in order to receive credit for the 9 credit course. A total of 540 hours must be completed in order to receive credit for the 12 credit course. Students can complete whichever internship credit requirement they choose, based on schedule, credits needed, availability, etc. It is very important that students communicate their hour requirements in advance to site supervisors. 

Note: PED 495 is the capstone class and must be taken at the same time as PED 490. To register for PED 495 follow the same step 1 procedure listed below for PED 490. You must fill out the Pre-Requisite Override Form for both courses. 

1. Course registration
2. Find a site
3. Site registration 

Step 1: Course Registration

To enroll in PED 490 & 495 students must complete the override request form to receive prior approval from their advisor and the course instructor. The new process is now done completely through myBanner. 

Detailed written instructions and an informative video are available to help students through the process and can be found on the Registrar's website.

1. Go to myBanner and log in using your G# and PIN.
2. Select the Student tab > Registration.
3. Select 'Add or Drop Classes.'
4. Select PED 490.
5. You will encounter a registration error message because you must have prior approval to register for this course. When you receive this error message, click "Registration Override Request Form" located at the bottom of the screen. 
6. Complete the form and Submit your request. 
7. When the decision is made by the department an email will be sent to your GVSU email address. You can also check the status of your request by clicking on the Registration Override Requests link at the bottom of the Registration page in myBanner. 

The table below provides timelines for 2015-2016 enrollment requests. Note: Students may not begin registering for Spring/Summer or Fall courses until March 16. 


Semester of Credit

Registration Permit Due From Students

Approved and Registered By

Site Registration By

Spring/Summer '15




Fall '15




Winter '16




Step 2: Finding An Internship Site

Students are required to seek a location on their own prior to the start of the semester in which they are taking PED 490. The Sport Leadership department is not responsible for finding you a location but will always assist when a student needs help. Once students have secured a site, they should follow the process listed on the PED 490 section of the Sport Leadership website.

*Just because a place you are interested in doesn't have internships marketed on their website, does not mean you can not reach out and ask!

Look here for places former students have been.

Questions to ask yourself when picking a place to work:

  • Will I get enough hours working here?
  • Are the jobs I'm given relevant to Sport Management?
  • How much interaction will I get with current employees/staff?
  • Does this job interest me?
  • What can I bring to this position?

To get the best results students should pick an internship they have a vested interest in, not just somewhere they can get the hours done.

Questions regarding the PED 490 internship or registration process can be directed to Chelsea Brehm at 

Step 3: Site Registration

In addition to registering for the course, students must also register their internship location with the Career Center Internship Management System (IMS). Students are encouraged to discuss their internship location options with the faculty coordinator to ensure approval. Students are not to begin working at their internship location until approval has been granted by the faculty coordinator. To better understand the site registration process, please read the brief IMS 2.0 Student Manual

Click here to register your internship