Music & Dance

Heather Bergseth

Heather Bergseth is currently an adjunct instructor where she teaches world music and music fundamentals at GVSU. She received her M.M. in ethnomusicology and B.M. in music education and world music from Bowling Green State University. Her thesis titled “Music of Ghana and Tanzania: A Brief Comparison and Description of Various African Music Schools” reflects her continued interest in education and world music. Her research and performing interests include traditional dance-drumming of Ghana (Ewe, Dagomba, Dagara, Ga), capoeira, gyil (Dagara xylophone), taiko (Japanese drumming), women in music, applied ethnomusicology, music education, music of Tanzania, performing ethnomusicology, Afro-Cuban batá drumming, and north Indian tabla. Heather is also a percussionist and performer in a variety of western and non-western musical styles.

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