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Tony Schillaci


Tony Schillaci (Bachelor of Music Education - Instrumental, 2006) is starting his 7th year as Director of Bands at Santa Fe High School in New Mexico. In 2007, he inherited a program with 17 kids that had seen a new director 12 times in 20 years. With a lot of community support he has taken that program of one class at the school and transformed it into a full time position serving over 60 kids this year in Marching, two levels of concert band, jazz and a percussion ensemble. He also plays the alto sax with Concordia Santa Fe ( a local professional wind ensemble, a sax quartet that was born of the same organization and co-founded, performs with and co-conducts the High Desert Winds - a community branch of Concordia which also serves high achieving High School students. Additionally he serves as District President of the state branch of the National Association for Music Education and was named "New and Emerging Educator of the Year" in 2012 by the same organization. He also received the "Teachers Who Inspire" award from the Santa Fe Public Schools.  Tony stated:  "We have a lot of growing programs and are always looking to hire young and excited new teachers!.” He also thanked all the faculty at GVSU for all the great musical experiences and for giving him the tools to make a difference in the lives of young musicians. Tony can be reached at


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