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Music Education Public School Schedule Examples

School schedule changes can cause significant concern to music educators. Alumnus Jeff Bopp has created some example schedules and their problems. Thanks Jeff!


1.       Music Brochure 6HR

This brochure is based on our current 6 hour schedule and our current board policies at South Haven.  The counselors hand this out to every 8th grade student as they are talking to them about scheduling classes for 9th grade.  In previous years, students were asked to make schedules without any guidance, thus students had no idea how to plan what years they had what opportunities and dropped out of music because they thought they needed to be on a certain track.  The idea behind the brochure is to get students thinking ahead, planning to push some courses to the 11th and 12th grades instead of cramming the required courses in 9th grade, and to make it visually friendly and understandable.
2.       Music Brochure 7HR
I personally believe that a 7 hour day is necessary in my district to alleviate some of the scheduling issues with the current State standards, and some of the local board policies.  Even now, the schools are talking about adding MME prep classes and other courses, which will make it nearly impossible for students to take part in the arts unless they have more room in the day to do so.
3.       Music Brochure 6HR vs. 7HR
Created to visually compare a 6HR day with a 7HR day with scheduling as the main concern.  This has helped counselors and administrators visually understand the issue.

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