Public ooVoo Download

For those who are not members of the GVSU community but would still like to use the free version of ooVoo, which includes 3-way video conferencing, you may download ooVoo from the link below.(For example: job candidates, friends, research partners at other schools)

Click Here to Download

Once you click the link above, click on "Free Download," select the correct version for your computer, and continue through the installation steps.

Prior to using ooVoo, we recommend that you add "studiod" as a friend, ooVoo call them to practice using ooVoo, make sure your equipment is working properly, and ask any questions you may have.   

Click on the links provided below to watch some YouTube videos that give you a good idea of how to conduct yourself during an interview using ooVoo:

A Bad Interview Example

Interviewing Tips


Page last modified November 9, 2012