Summer 2010 CHS Construction

Summer 2010 Construction at Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences (CHS)

Work will begin Tuesday, July 6th to repair concrete in the drive lanes and parking areas at CHS. As a result of this work, vehicle access to CHS will be restricted for approximately 6 weeks. All faculty, staff and guests should use the Lafayette Lot for parking during this period. The Lafayette Lot will have a parking booth and will be staffed during normal business hours. A map of the Lafayette Lot has been attached. Any special parking concerns or requests during this period should be sent directly to the Pew Campus Security Office at 1-6677.

The bus pick up and drop off location will shift to the southwest corner of Lafayette and Michigan to accommodate this work, and additional buses will be added for everyone's convenience. The new location of the bus stop is noted on the attached map.

As the project progresses, we will provide periodic updates and notify everyone of the date parking can resume on site. By the end of July, the upper level parking area should be accessible. A notification will be sent when this can begin with detailed instructions for entry and exit to this area.

If you have any questions, please contact Pew Campus Operations at 1-6700 or


Updates and Frequently Asked Questions:

We have received multiple questions regarding the parking situation at CHS. Some updates are below. We will continue to post these updates as questions come in.
1. Handicapped Parking:
There are handicapped spaces in the Lafayette Lot on the north side. For anyone needing extra assistance, please tell the booth attendant on your way in and they will call an officer to bring a wheelchair and assist in any way as necessary. Update 7/8: There will be additional handicapped spaces added in the Lafayette lot..
2. Metered Spaces in Lafayette:
We will cover the meters - they will be available to faculty/staff and visitors. Any overflow will be directed to the Pew Campus for parking at the Seward Parking Ramp and any other parking lots on campus. We do strongly suggest all faculty and staff use the bus to leave room for handicapped and visitors in the Lafayette lot.
3. Carrying large/multiple items from Lafayette Lot:
We will have extra carts at the front desk as well as at the booth in the lot. You are welcome to borrow those to transport anything you need to. Please do remember to return them to the front desk.
4. Bus Service: Best Option for Faculty and Staff
We have added buses to increase the frequency. We have also opened up the Seward Parking Ramp through the duration of this project to all faculty, staff, and visitors to allow closer parking to the bus stop.

5. Additional Parking in Crawford Lot: TEMPORARY
Update 7/8: We've been working hard on finding more spaces to alleviate the parking issue for the duration of the construction. University has leased land TEMPORARILY near the Center for Health Sciences for this extra parking! We have leased over 65 spaces for Faculty/Staff parking in the Crawford Lot. You can begin parking there tomorrow - Friday, July 08, 2010. For those of you that don't remember Crawford Lot, it is located on the other side of McDonald's off of Sinclair St. Those on the east side of the building can see it from your window! See link below for a map for you directing you to the lot. Please feel free to share this link with any other faculty/staff members within the building or those coming to visit. Click here for map of Crawford Lot

6. Reopening UL Parking:
Update 7/13: We are pleased to announce that beginning Monday, July 19th, parking will be allowed to resume on the upper level at CHS. Work on the lower level parking and entry drive off of Lafayette is still ongoing, however, so access to the upper level parking will be from Michigan Street only.

Update 7/15: On Monday July 19th, upper level parking will be open for faculty and staff.  Open only from 7am 6am* to 10 am or until full whichever comes first. Entrance is one way off of Michigan Street only. After 10am will be EXIT ONLY, no new admittance to UL. Visitors should be directed to the Lafayette lot. Upper level parking is available for faculty and staff. Only handicapped spaces will be enforced all other parking is open. (*NOTE: Building will still open at its normal time - so don't forget your access card for building entry!!)

Update 7/16: The upper level parking will be available Monday through Friday only. Faculty and Staff working on the weekends should utilize the Lafayette Lot.

Thank you for your understanding as we complete this important project.




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