Erik Scholten ACF Abstract FY11

“Developing a Gateway of Clean Water: International Service Learning and Water Project”

Conference Name: Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (formerly American Humanics) Management/Leadership Institute

Learn how Grand Valley State University, American
Humanics students fundraised and educated a Tanzania village (Olasiti)
on how to build bio-sand water filters and engage villagers, youth and
educators in water education.

The goal of the service-learning project was to enhance the learning of
the students through direct services to the community and to share
skills and knowledge between the students and the Tanzanian
community.” The students purchased a rainwater catcher for a
village in a rural Tanzania, school materials for a local children’s
orphanage and materials to construct 35 bio-sand filters for area
families. The students constructed barrels to hold water, which
contained a filter that is sustainable for up to five years and can
produce up to 40 gallons of clean drinking water per day.

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