Krystal Moskwa ACF Abstract FY11

"Concerto for Saxophone Quartet (1995) by Philip Glass; Saniga Sax Quartet"

North American Saxophone Alliance Region V Conference

Krystal Moskwa

By professional reviewed invitation, the Grand Valley State University Hyperbaton Saxophone Quartet has been nominated to perform the Concerto for Saxophone Quartet and Orchestra (1995) by Philip Glass at the North American Saxophone Alliance Conference Region Five. The North American Saxophone Alliance is a professional organization of university professors, public school teachers, professional saxophonists, and students of all levels. The annual conference for region five is hosted by the Music Department at Northeastern Illinois University. At the conference various masterclasses, sessions, and performances will occur that will aid in the professional development of saxophone students. The quartet by Phillip Glass is one of the cornerstones of the saxophone repertoire and it is a great honor to get to perform this in front of a group of peers and professional saxophonists.