Poster Printing Tips

These tips are for using the plotter located in Mary Idema Pew Library. The cost to use the plotter is $25.00 which covers the cost of one print. This cost must be paid by each presenter or faculty mentor (or the department). If you are paying out of pocket you need to pay at the cashier in Student Services. If you are paying by IDC, you can take the paperwork directly to the IT Helpdesk in MAN. Also note that the plotter will be unavailable on Saturday and Sunday since the computer lab will be closed.

  • In the Mary Idema Pew Lower Level, there is one computer that controls the plotter. Keep this in mind as it will be tough to queue several posters at one time
  • Stop by the CTS Help Desk and they will assist you with printing your poster
  • You should print a test page on printer CP3525 using the Scale to fit option to make sure your poster prints without any issues. If you are satisfied with this printing then proceed to the plotter printing below
  • To print the poster on the plotter select DJ4000 from the print menu. Select properties and select the Scale to fit option under paper options section. Then submit your poster for printing