Presentation Preparation

Fred Meijer Center for Writing and Michigan Authors
Visit the writing center for help at any stage of your writing process. The center's well-trained peer consultants can help you to brainstorm ideas, organize content, integrate research, polish a draft, and correctly document sources. Any graduate or undergraduate GVSU student can take advantage of the drop-in hours simply by coming into the center with a draft of a paper. Sessions typically last 20-30 minutes.

Oral Presentations
An oral presentation is more than just reading a paper or set of slides to an audience. How you deliver your presentation is at least as important in effectively communicating your message as what you say. Use these guidelines to learn simple tools that help you prepare and present an effective presentation, and design PowerPoint slides that support and enhance your talk.

Poster Presentations
Poster sessions are frequently used as a means to convey information in a brief format in classrooms, conferences and symposia, and workshops. Designing effective poster presentations is an art unto itself. This guide provides resources to make the process easier.

Poster Printing
These tips are for using the plotter located in Manitou Hall.

Page last modified November 30, 2010