2005 Student Summer Scholars

Andrew Berke 
Development of technologies for monitoring isotope ratios in environmental samples and chemical reaction progress via laser-based vibrational spectroscopy
Faculty Mentor: Stephanie Shaertel 

Emily Blamer
Asymmetric Synthesis of Chiral Silanes
Faculty Mentor: Randy Winchester

James Bouwman
Form Follows Function: Establishing the Correlation between Metal-Olefin Bong Asymmetry and the Reactivity of the Olefin
Faculty Mentor: Stephen Matchett

Kevin Donner 
Energetics of a superabundant brown trout (Salmo trutta) population, Sand Creek, MI Faculty Mentor: Eric Snyder

Katie Erdman
Ancient Transcaucasian Migrations in Anatolia: Apetrographic Analysis of Pottery from Malatya Turkey
Faculty Mentor: Mark Schwartz

Cynthia Groenink
Mathematics Remediation for Low Achieving Elementary Students Using Districts Mandated Assessments
Faculty Mentor: John Golden

David Howard
Study of Temperature and Light Intensity Dependence of Photoconductivity in Semiconductor Materials
Faculty Mentor: Lihong (Heidi) Jiao

Timothy Major
Bioinformation Algorith Development Using Matlab
Faculty Mentor: Manish Chakrabarti

Stacy Makino 
Muscle Activation during Therapeutic Exercises of the Shoulder
Faculty Mentor: Brian Hatzel

Samuel Otten
Exploring dynamics of the dual billiard map in the hyperbolic place
Faculty Mentor: Feliz Dogru

Matt Race
Improving the Statistical Curriculum Sequence
Faculty Mentor: John Gabrosek

Maysee Salleva
Environmental Phosphorus Analysis by 31P NMR
Faculty Mentor: John Bender

Peter Schwallier
How does separability affect the desirability of referendum election outcomes?
Faculty Mentor: Jonathan Hodge

Nathan Siladke 
Water Evaporation From Tropospheric Aerosols
Faculty Mentor: Chris Lawrence

Aranda Slabbekoorn
Combined Molecular Mechanics/Electronic Structure Examination of the Ultrafast Vibrational Spectroscopy of Carbonmonoxymyoglobin
Faculty Mentor: Chris Lawrence

Christopher Smith
Hypergeometric Summation and WZ
Faculty Mentor: Akalu Tefera

Michelle Smith
The Meaning of Education Project
Faculty Mentor: Donna Henderson-King

Nathan Smith
Stylized Time: Music as Symbolic Process
Faculty Mentor: Kelly Parker

Brittany Stropich
Protein Interactions in Diaphanous-related Formins: defining specific biochemical interactions involved in the regulation of important cellular processes
Faculty Mentor: Bradley Wallar

Catherine Sundt
Social Dimensions of Consumption in Santiago, Chile
Faculty Mentor: Joel Stillerman

Timothy Trichler
Acute Responses of Pulmonary and Coronary Arteries to Natural Steroids
Faculty Mentor: Frank Sylvester

Adam Werts
Neurotoxic Effects of PCB Congeners in Goldfish
Faculty Mentor: Xiaojuan (Xandra) Xu

Catherine Willis
Study of the human mitochondrial DNA polymorphism
Faculty Mentor: Alexey Nikitin

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