Karen Grant

Creativity Testing: Alive and Well in the 21st Century?

Abstract:  In the 1960s, tests of creativity were promoted as an alternative or supplement to standardized intelligence tests in American school systems, embracing new research on divergent thinking skills, as well as assessing novel, original thinking and the capacity to find unusual or unexpected solutions to problems.  This research on the evolution of creativity testing looks at a sample of some of the current, most popular measures used to evaluate creative potentialities, the philosophies of the original creators of the creativity tests, and the context in which these measures are administered today.  A critical analysis of the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, the Creativity Assessment Packet and the Creative Behavior Inventory is presented.  Further, the paper explores the relevance of using such tests in today's educational climate and what the implications may be for the future of creativity testing. 

Faculty Mentor: Susan Odgers

Page last modified May 13, 2011