2006 Student Summer Scholars

Lauren Bader

  • Protection of Adult Pig Retinal Ganglion Cells from Glutamate-Induced Excitotoxicity
  • Faculty Mentor: David Linn

Kevin Betts

  • Attributions About Ostracism During the Completion of a Cognitive Task
  • Faculty Mentor: Christine M. Smith

Christine Cleary

  • Studying Creativity: Pinning the Butterfly or Preserving the Habitat
  • Faculty Mentor: Gilda Povolo

Megan Cookingham

  • Evaluating Tagging Methods and Movement Patterns of Round Gobies
  • Faculty Mentor: Carl Ruetz

Benjamin Eovaldi

  • The Androgen Signal Transduction Pathway in Coronary & Pulmonary Arteries
  • Faculty Mentor: Frank Sylvester

Brad Fowler

  • The Creative Class and its Effects on Economic Development, Land Values, and Social Inequality in Midwestern Cities
  • Faculty Mentor: Joel Stillerman

Karen Grant

  • Creativity Testing: Alive and Well in the 21st Century?
  • Faculty Mentor: Susan Odgers

Rachael Hamilton

  • An Investigation of the Elements Required for a Successful Cervical Cancer Awareness Campaign Designed to Meet the Needs of Women in Rural Nicaragua
  • Faculty Mentor: Julia Mason

Nicole Henriksen

  • Using Imitative Play and Free Play to Facilitate the Development of Social and Play Skills in Young Children with Autism
  • Faculty Mentor: Amy Matthews

Anica Jankowski

  • Globalization in Late Ottoman Jordan: Material Culture in Village Society
  • Faculty Mentor: Bethany Walker

Loretta Lanning

  • Beethovens Continental Folksong Settings: Research and Musical Preparation
  • Faculty Mentor: Lisa Feurzeig

Kait LaPorte

  • Preparing a Performing Version of L'Amor Marinaro, an Opera by Joseph Weigl
  • Faculty Mentor: Lisa Feurzeig

Kim Marshick

  • Processing Information from Narrative and Expository Text
  • Faculty Mentor: Michael Wolfe

Amanda Massau

  • Golf Course Management & Amphibians: Impacts of wetland habitat management on the occurrence of green and leopard frog populations
  • Faculty Mentor: Stephen Burton

Dustin Mier

  • Investigation of Ailanthus altissima Extracts on Microbial Species
  • Faculty Mentor: Roderick Morgan

Adam Miller

  • Design of Engineering Analysis Software
  • Faculty Mentor: John Oliva

Jesse Ondersma

  • Progress Towards the Synthesis of Apomorphine
  • Faculty Mentor: Matthew E. Hart

Jonathan Rawson

  • Probing important protein interactions in the mammalian diaphanous-related formins: How single amino acid residue can affect the entire skeletal network of the cell
  • Faculty Mentor: Brad Wallar

Rachel Salata

  • Public Discourse in a Democracy
  • Faculty Mentor: Judy Whipps

Brian Smith

  • Generation of Mutant Class D Lactamases Conferring Resistance to Third-Generation Cephalosporins
  • Faculty Mentor: Dave Leonard

Sara Smolinski

  • Determination of Hdc Transcription Initiation in the Drosophila Genome Using 5 -RACE
  • Faculty Mentor: Martin Burg

Susan Soli

  • Walking the Ravines: An Educational Journey through Writing and Photography
  • Faculty Mentor: Stan Krohmer

Matthew Stamps

  • Circle Packings
  • Faculty Mentor: David Austin

Tina Struyk

  • The Impact of English as a Second Language and Bilingual Education on Spanish Language Proficiency of Elementary Students
  • Faculty Mentor: Zulema Moret

Ilea Swinehart

  • Identification of a Gene Involved in Hormone-Induced Moss Development
  • Faculty Mentor: Margaret Dietrich

Anita Van Til

  • Willard Wichers and Dutch Immigration Under the Refugee Relief Act
  • Faculty Mentor: David Snyder

Crystal VanOss-Daining

  • Women and the Reformation: A Comparative Study of Marriage Laws and Gender Roles in Catholic and Protestant Europe
  • Faculty Mentor: Grace Coolidge

Jesse Veenstra

  • Identification of development-specific mRNA splice variants from the rosA gene of Drosophila melanogaster
  • Faculty Mentor: Martin Burg

Jamie Wasilchenko

  • The Divine Mother, Community Outreach, and Interfaith in West Michigan
  • Faculty Mentor: Russell Rhoads

Andrew Wilson

  • Access to Prenatal Care in Kent County: Understanding the Issues that influence Provider Participation in the Medicaid Program
  • Faculty Mentor: Stephen Borders

Patrick Womble

  • Urbanization induced changes to a ravine system and evaluation of land use and infrastructure sustainability at Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Michigan
  • Faculty Mentor: Peter Wampler