2009 Student Summer Scholars

James Bozung

  • "Where Have All the Physical Educators Gone? (Hint: Its NOT Higher Education)"
  • Faculty Mentors: Colleen Lewis and Mary Schutten

Rebecca Brittain

  • "The role of individual personality in the successful formation of new social groups with aged chimpanzees in a sanctuary environment"
  • Faculty Mentor: Judith Corr

Lisa Burson

  • "Analysis of the Fusion of the Sagittal and Coronal Sutures in Humans and Apes using Computerized Tomography"
  • Faculty Mentor: James Reed

Sarah Clark

  • "Estimating Sea Surface Temperature for the Earth's Past"
  • Faculty Mentor: Figen Mekik

Corey Davis

  • “An examination of speciation, extinction, and evolutionary relationships in plants from two continents”
  • Faculty Mentor: Timothy Evans

Kaitlin Downey

  • “Modeling problem solving: Creating and evaluating student-generated screencasts”
  • Faculty Mentor: Nathan Barrows

Ryan Enck

  • “Efficient Synthesis of a Truncated Ergoline: Development of TAAR Regulators”
  • Faculty Mentor: Matthew Hart

Steven Gauthier

  • “Sublethal exposure to two alkylphenolic compounds and their influence on development, growth and reproductive behavior of crayfish”
  • Faculty Mentor: Daniel Bergman

Adrienne Gibson

  • “The Behavioral Effects of Caffeine on Freshwater Angelfish”
  • Faculty Mentor: Alexey Nikitin

Anel Guel

  • “Use of the chambira palm in rainforest communities of the Peruvian Amazon”
  • Faculty Mentor: Jim Penn

Bradley Houdek

  • “Sex difference in the innate immune system of Tree Swallows”
  • Faculty Mentors: Michael Lombardo and Patrick A. Thorpe

Samantha Howard

  • “What Writers Need to Write: Environment and the Writing Process”
  • Faculty Mentor: Ellen Schendel

Embriette Hyde

  • “Identification of the role that the 3'UTR plays in regulation of Hdc expression in Drosophila”
  • Faculty Mentor: Martin Burg

Karen Ickes 

  • “Bobcat Population Size in Central Michigan”
  • Faculty Mentor: Paul Keenlance

Corey Kapolka 

  • “Establishing a diverse assemblage of native grasses and forbs on a knapweed-infested site in the Bass River Recreation Area,Ottawa County, Michigan”
  • Faculty Mentor: Neil MacDonald

Nicholas Krzywonos

  • “Rook polynomials in higher dimensions”
  • Faculty Mentor: Feryal Alayont

Elizabeth LaRue 

  • “Population structure of the invasive round goby in Lake Michigan”
  • Faculty Mentors: Carl Ruetz III and Ryan A. Thum

Patrick Louden

  • “Water Evaporation From Atmospheric Aerosols”
  • Faculty Mentor: Christopher Lawrence

Todd Major

  • “Measurement of fundamental physical constants of molecules via laser-based vibrational spectroscopy”
  • Faculty Mentors: Stephanie Schaertel

Shane McGrath

  • “Conversion of Biomass to Value-Added Chemicals”
  • Faculty Mentors: Dalila Kovacs and Jim Krikke

David Merryman

  • “Civil Society and Transitional Justice in Post-Communist Central Europe”
  • Faculty Mentor: Heather Tafel

Amanda Mitchell

  • “Meanings of Education and Educational Experience”
  • Faculty Mentor: Donna Henderson-King

Ryan Nelson

  • “Capillary Electrophoresis Based Microbial Detection and Separation”
  • Faculty Mentor: Andrew Lantz

Nikki Powers 

  • “Entrepreneurship/Small Business Programming at the Muskegon Correctional Facility”
  • Faculty Mentor: Nancy Levenburg

Juan Rango

  • “The combination of a selective nicotinic agonist and modulator protects against cellular damage in 2 models of glaucoma”
  • Faculty Mentor: David Linn

Kaitlyn Ratkowiak 

  • “Residential Foreclosures in Kent County from a Community Perspective”
  • Faculty Mentor: Daniel Frobish

Sarala Sarah

  • “Mechanisms of neural stem cell differentiation into astrocytes through the Notch intracellular signaling pathway”
  • Faculty Mentor: Merritt Taylor

Donna St. Louis

  • “La Femme Patiente: A Project in Translation”
  • Faculty Mentor: Janel Pettes Guikema

Jarrett Zeman

  • “Resurrection Machines: An analysis of burial sites in ancient Egypt's Valley of the Kings as physical and spiritual processes of rebirth”
  • Faculty Mentor: Gwyn Madden