John Gravelyn, MS3

The Trainer Project

Mobility is something most of us take for granted everyday, but some people have no choice or ability to move. The power wheelchairs that make mobility possible for this population are extremely expensive and must be customized to each person. The PWCT solves this problem by converting the person’s existing manual push wheelchair into an extremely safe power mobility device. The device has been built before multiple times but each iteration had a lot of room for improvement and the newest version will be the one that is reproduced. The summer research is focused on designing and building the sixth version of the power wheel chair trainer (PWCT). This version is designed to be reproduced at a high rate, is much less expensive, and is also designed to be safe enough to be approved by the FDA  and the IRB. The design relies on mechanical principles and requires fewer motors and which are expensive and less safe.

Faculty Mentor: John Farris, Engineering

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