S3 Showcase

As part of the S3 Program, each Summer Scholar will make a formal presentation at the Student Summer Scholars Showcase. This presentation can be a performance, poster presentation, or an oral presentation. As many scholars will still be immersed in the research, or creative process, this Showcase is an exhibition of their work thus far and may differ from their final report and formal Student Scholars Day Presentations.

The format of the S3 Showcase is similar to Student Scholars Day (SSD). The event generally is about 3 hours in length and includes a dinner for Scholars, Mentors, and guests. Scholars are expected to provide an abstract prior to Showcase, and make either an oral or poster presentation at Showcase. The SSD website has useful information on how to create an abstract, poster presentation, or oral presentation for Showcase.

Printing a Poster

The S3 Program will cover the $25 cost of printing your poster for Showcase and outside conference presentations. Be sure to include the S3 logo on your poster.

Please follow these steps:

  • Contact the S3 Program for approval
  • Come to 181 LOH to pick up an IDC form (this form will cover the printing cost)
  • Bring IDC form to the IT office in Manitou Hall
  • Get password from IT office for the plotter
  • The plotter is located in Manitou Hall