Sandra Braden ACF Abstract FY11

"Passing Obstacles in the Way of Sinai II"

Phi Alpha Theta Michigan Regional Conference

Sandra Braden

This paper is about the passes in the Sinai. These passes were of
great value to both Egypt and Israel. They were constantly brought up in
meetings, negotiations, and ultimately held much leverage during the Sinai
(I and II) Accords and Disengagement Agreement of Israeli-Egyptian forces.
Israel held onto the passes post 1967 War. Even though these passes were not
ultimately that beneficial in practice, they nonetheless were on the
platform for the peace talks and negotiations between Egypt and Israel. The
passes were a persistent factor that was brought up in talks with Kissinger,
Anwar Sadat and Yitzhak Rabin. They appeared in many drafts of the peace
treaty between the two countries. Why were these passes thought to be so
significant to both countries? Were they in reality that beneficial? Are
there historical or psychological factors which triggered such emotions from
both leaders? Was it ultimately for ego and power? The passes were one of
the factors that almost frustrated the peace treaty.

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