Zach Christian-Rotramel ACF Abstract FY11

"Michigan Inland Lake Water Quality and Surrounding Land Cover Change, 1998 to 2005"

Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters Conference

Zach Christian-Rotramel

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between land cover
change and water quality (transparency), in Michigan inland lakes between
the years 1998 and 2005. Water quality data were  obtained from the Michigan
Clean Water Corps (MiCorps) and processed in Microsoft Excel to display a
percent change between the two study years. The lakes studied showed a
change ranging between a 21.62% increase to a -26.00% decrease in
transparency. Aerial images were obtained from Michigan’s DOQQ (Digital
Ortho Quarter Quad) image archive, land cover types were digitized in ArcGIS
for each lake studied. Each image was classified into six use/cover
categories  including agriculture, barren land, forest, grass, urban
development, and water. A regression analysis was used to determine change
in land cover types.

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