Schedule of Events

Workshops will be held on Saturdays in DeVos Building C, Room 107 (the University Club) at the Pew Campus unless otherwise noted on the schedule.

Breakfast will be included for all workshops, and lunch will also be included for full day workshops.


All workshops are FREE, to those registered, unless otherwise noted. All registrations and payments will be handled online at






9 am - 3 pm                                    

Graduate Boot Camp



10 am - 1 pm

Mentorship: The Key to Graduate Student Success



10 am - 1 pm

PhD Programs: Admission to Completion



10 am - 1 pm

Grantsmanship for Graduate Students



10 am - 1 pm

Beyond Being an Ally: Balancing Professionalism and Activism



10 am - 1 pm

Planning for the Future: 

Student Loans, Debt Management and Financial Planning



9 am - 3 pm

Job Hunting in Today's Economy:

Social Media, Resumes and Cover Letters, Job Searches, Etiquette, Interviews



10 am - 4 pm

How to Survive a Golf Outing


Workshop Descriptions

Planning for the Future: Student Loans, Debt Management and Financial Planning:

Please join us as we talk about money!  GVSU Financial Aid will be on hand to discuss all things related to loans and financial aid.  Scott McPheeters from Edward Jones will follow up the financial aid discussion with some very practical advice and strategies to help you manage the debt you already have and help you plan for the future. Breakfast will be served.  This workshop is free for all current graduate students.

Job Hunting in Today's Economy: Social Media, Resumes and Cover Letters, Job Searches, Interviews and Etiquette:

Today’s economy is tough. The average HR representative spends mere seconds scanning a resume before deciding to keep it or toss it. And there are many applicants competing for every job opening and hiring managers are becoming more media savvy in their search for the right applicant. This workshop is designed to help you execute and navigate a successful job search. In addition to sessions on job searches, resumes and cover letters, email and social media and negotiations and contracts, each registrant will also receive a one on one resume consultation. After lunch, there will be presentations on contracts and negotiations and goal setting/ five year plans. Breakfast and lunch will be served. This workshop is free for all current graduate students. 

How to Survive a Golf Outing:

Please join us at The Meadows for a unique opportunity to be introduced to the culture and experience of a golf outing! How to Survive a Golf Outing: Learning the culture, social habits, and opportunities for networking and business surrounding the game.

Golf outings are frequent special social events in many companies, enjoyable occasions for fund raising for charities and non-profit groups, and a great way to network. Where else would you get a leisurely 4 hours to make friends, connections, and gain access to advance your company, cause, or yourself while playing a recreational game? Where else would you have the opportunity to be in a casual setting with your boss or a potential business partner for that length of time? This special event is designed for the novice/inexperienced golfer and will cover dress, basic golf etiquette, golf fundamentals, and the networking/business opportunities that the game provides, with the goal of preparing you to navigate a golf outing with confidence and knowledge of what to do, how to dress and conduct yourself to make the most of this networking opportunity. The day will start with 2 hours of instruction and tips, followed by a luncheon, and then a 4-person, 9-hole scramble to experience what a golf outing feels like. The cost for this workshop is $25 which includes your lunch and golf expenses; bring your own clubs if possible. If you don’t have golf clubs, please email