Workshop Materials


Applying Effective Mentoring Principles -

Mentoring Presentation

Planning for the Future -                       Financial Aid Presentation:  Repaying Student Loans


 Graduate Boot Camp -

Oral and Poster Presentation                                        Thesis and Dissertation Outline

Graduate Boot Camp Introduction                                Thesis and Dissertation Presentation


Working in Diverse Environments -   Working in a Diverse Environment

International Graduate Opportunities                           Study Abroad for Graduate Students


Leading High Performance Teams -  

Session 1                                                                           Session 2                                    

Session 3                                                                           Session 4



2011 Sessions -                                        Fellowships:  Increasing your chance of Success

Conflict Resolution Skills Workshop                            Debt Management Skills Workshop


2010 Sessions:

Responsible Conduct of Research:

Additional Sessions:

Graduate Student Writing Workshop;                        Oral & Poster Presentation Skills Workshop

Faculty Perspectives on Conference Participation and Networking (Panel)

Conflict Resolution Skills Workshop;                        Library Skills Workshop

Thesis Writing Workshop;                                          Getting the Most Out of Your Internship/Clinical/Practicum Experience

Adjusting to Life After Graduation

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