1. What is the average GPA of the applicants accepted?

  • Between a 3.5 and 4.0 for overall GPA.

2. What is the average number of patient care hours of the students accepted?

  • Roughly 2,000 for applicants in 2013

3. Is the GRE required?  What is the average score of those accepted?

  • Yes.  This is new, so no data on average scores are available yet.

4.  Does your program admit students based on rolling admissions?

  • No

5. Does your program offer elective clinical rotations?

  • Yes, 2, 2-4 week electives.

6. Does your program offer international rotation?

  • Yes, we have some international clinical site opportunities for students interested.  This would take the place of the elective rotation.

7. How many applicants do you get each year?  How many of those are accepted?

  • In the last 2 years 350-420, accepting 48

8. What is the retention rate of the program?

  • 95%

9. Is there a research aspect of your program?

  • Yes, it is embedded in 3 evidence based medicine courses.  Additionally, our faculty are involved in independent research projects.

10. What is your program's teaching approach? (PBL, Lecture, Discussion, Systems, ect.)

  • Traditional lecture delivered in a system based approach.  We also have PBL embedded within they curriculum. 

11.  What is GVSU's GRE code?

  • GVSU code: 1258

12.  Is there anything unique about your program that you would like to share to students considering your program?

  • Intense but great success rates on boards! This program will prepare students for practice a PA in a health care team!

Page last modified October 1, 2014