Padnos College Outreach

Sibley Elementary Partnership

A unique relationship exists between Padnos College of Engineering and Computing with Sibley Elementary school, a neighborhood school close to Pew Campus. Each Year, Grand Valley faculty and students interact with the 5th grade class at Sibley School for education and fun.

Sibley is special because the students that attend the school live in the areas surrounding the pew campus. Many of the kids would not normally be exposed to college. The idea of the Sibley Partnership is to expose students to activities that are different, technical, and somewhat challenging. By successfully completing the task, the students "glimpse their potential" and see a possible future.

The activities include campus tours, Electric Circuit activities, and a Pinewood Derby. The Pinewood Derby affords the Sibley students an opportunity to design, build, and decorate pinewood cars. The students then race their cars on a track at the School of Engineering and celebrate all their accomplishments with a party.





Page last modified March 24, 2014