September 2012 Crime Alert Memo

Date: September 20, 2012

To: Grand Valley State University Pew Campus Departments

From: Pew Campus Security Department, Investigator Dan Bohle
Subject: Increase in Thefts on Pew Campus
Date: September 20, 2012

This new academic year has seen a rise in the number of thefts. The more popular items stolen this semester are bicycles, laptops and valuable found in the passenger compartment of an unlocked vehicle.
Bicycles thefts have doubled for the same time period in 2012 as in 2011.
Make a habit to double check that your vehicle doors are completely shut and locked. If you do have valuables in your vehicle place them out of sight either in your trunk or locked glove box.
Any suspicious activity/individuals should be reported to the Pew Campus Security Department at (616) 331-6677 and an officer will be dispatched to the area.

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